Forensic labo toolbox

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The complete set to take multiple samples whenever you need to.

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This set contains every tool you need to take samples and to send these to the Fula laboratory where a forensic examination will be executed. A complete analysis can be conducted with 200 ml liquid or 20g solid substance. The laboratory determines the exact values with photospectrometry of different parameters so the cause of the problem can always be determined.

The Forensic labo toolbox contains:

  • 10 sterile bottles
  • 10 zip lock bags
  • labels
  • envelopes
  • latex gloves
  • towel
  • syringe
  • small hammer
  • chisel
  • samplingknife
  • brush
  • extendable stick
  • waterproof pen
  • measurement sheet
  • tear metre
  • insulation metre
  • 1 bottle Corotes