Lab analysis


Fula is a laboratory specialised in analysing delivered samples to determine exactly the cause of a moisture, condensation or mold problem. We test, check and examine by means of different calibrated measurement and examination methods. The delivered samples will be analysed on different parameters to make the right connections and draw conclusions.

In damage cases it can be decisive to indicate exactly a possible cause. We are happy to help you.

Unlike others we only need a little substance to conduct an elaborate analysis. A complete analysis can be done on 200 ml liquid and 20g solid substance. This can be, for example, some water that has leaked into the basement or a piece of plaster from a damaged wall.


Analyses of liquid or solid samples will be, in first instance, conducted by digital photospectrometry. Delivered samples will be tested on different parameters. These can be: ammonium, chlorine, phosphate, copper, nitrate, nitrite, iron, pH-value, oxygen, silicon, fluoride, total hardness, carbonate hardness, conductivity, micro or macro research, etc.

The presence or absence of certain substances in the delivered samples can direct an investigation in a certain direction. Groundwater contains different components than tap water. Also a contamination by domestic waste is very different to a septic contamination.

By conducting a thorough analysis and by drawing the right conclusions, we can always indicate the right cause of the problem.

Fula can conduct diverse measurements applied to construction physics in our own laboratory or on the scene.

Example chart

Example chart
– high resolution infrared measurements
– vibration tests
– U-value measurements
– level measurements
– exact moisture content
– exact hygroscopy
– datalogging on distance analysable
– macro recordings
– composition determination
– determination of the hardness Shore-A
– CO2 measurements
– dust measurements
– carbide measurements
– fluorescence measurements
– photospectrometry
– pressure tests
– durability tests
– compatibility tests
– etc.

Submit an inquiry

Do you want have a thorough analysis executed? Then, follow these steps.

  1. Download the inquiry and fill it in. You need to deliver this filled in document to Fula by e-mail or together with the samples.
  2. Take a sample of 200ml liquid substance and put this in a sterile bottle

or take a sample 20g solid substance and put this in a sterile bag or jar.

  1. Provide each sample of a clear label.
  2. Seal the samples in a zip lock bag to prevent leakage.
  3. Sen the samples to Fula, Heppensesteenweg 57, 3945 Ham, Belgium.

You can buy a forensic analysis in our shop. Fill in the required amount of samples and add it to your shopping cart.

To take samples you can use our Forensic Labo Toolbox. In this are every necessities the take samples, save them and send them to the lab.

Don’t you need a whole Toolbox? No problem, you can buy only the sterile bottles.