Mold examination


When you notice a strange spot on the wall, floor, ceiling or anywhere else this could be mold. Mold can be potentially very dangerous and harmful for your health. When there is more than 3 square meter total surface area of mold occurs in the house, this is most likely inhabitable! The Gebrekenboek of the Huurcommissie sets this limit even on 0,25m².

By a simple test you’ll know if you’ll have to deal with active mold, salts or another pollution.

With a mold analysis we can determine how far a contaminated place goes. For example the plaster can be affected, but the underlying insulation may not. This can influence a renovation plan strongly.


A contact sample is cultured in the laboratory on a Perti dish according to SBM-2015.

This is checked in 3 and 5 days.

The result is either negative or (potentially harmful) positive.

Submit an inquiry

Do you want a simply mold analysis? Then follow these steps.

  1. Buy a contact sample in our shop. Download the inquiry form and fill it in. You need to deliver this document to our lab by e-mail or send it together with the sample.
  2. Take a sample of the suspicious spot following the instructions.
  3. Label every sample clearly.
  4. Seal the sample in a separate zip-lock bag.
  5. Send the samples to Fula, Heppensesteenweg 57, 3945 Ham, Belgium.